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Victor Wallis, Red-Green Revolution: The Politics and Technology of Ecosocialism

Author, Short Title

Paperback, 200 pages
Political Animal Press, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-895131-29-1

Red-Green Revolution is an impassioned and informed confrontation with the planetary emergency brought about by accelerated ecological devastation in the last half-century. Victor Wallis argues that sound ecological policy requires a socialist framework, based on democratic participation and drawing on the historical lessons of earlier efforts.

Wallis presents a relentless critique of the capitalist system that has put the human species into a race against time to salvage and restore what it can of the environmental conditions necessary for a healthy existence. He then looks to how we might turn things around, reconsidering the institutions, technologies, and social relationships that will determine our shared future, and discussing how a better framework can evolve through the convergence of popular struggles, as these have emerged under conditions of crisis.

Reviewer Ian Angus was “particularly struck by Wallis’s focus on practical questions, his ability to build on ecological Marxist theory and address vital questions about how to build what he calls “a mass ecological constituency,” and what measures such a constituency will need to implement to stop the slide towards environmental catastrophe. He asks essential questions — What can we do without? How can we make better use of available resources? What can we gain that we don’t have now? — and his answers lead to discussions of what social forces can carry through the necessary changes.'“
See full review by Angus at Climate & Capitalism.

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