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Transit / Mobility

  1. Mimi Shaller, Mobility Justice: The Politics of Movement in an Age of Extremes - “shows how power and inequality inform the governance and control of movement. She connects the body, street, city, nation, and planet in one overarching theory of the modern, perpetually shifting world. Concepts of mobility are examined on a local level in the circulation of people, resources, and information, as well as on an urban scale, with questions of public transport and 'the right to the city.'”
  2. James Howard Kunstler, The Geography of Nowhere: The Rise And Decline of America's Man-Made Landscape - “traces America's evolution from a nation of Main Streets and coherent communities to a land where every place is like no place in particular, where the cities are dead zones and the countryside is a wasteland of cartoon architecture and parking lots.”
  3. Wojciech Keblowski, "Public Transit Can Be Free" - “We don’t put coins in street lamps or pay by the minute in public parks. Here’s why we can make subway and bus fares a thing of the past.”
  4. Planka, "The Traffic Hierarchy": “One is not born a motorist, one becomes one. Mobility and class are deeply entangled. Not only because one’s potential for mobility often has to do with one’s economic position, but also because a society built on today’s mobility paradigm – automobility – directly contributes to growing economic and social differences.”
  5. Sarah Seo, Policing the Open Road
  6. Kafui Ablode, Rights in Transit
  7. Jason Prince and Judith Dellheim, Free Public Transit: And Why We Don't Pay to Ride Elevators
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