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Victor Wallis, Red-Green Revolution: The Politics and Technology of Ecosocialism

Wallis, Red-Green Revolution

Paper, 222 pages
Political Animal Press, 2018
ISBN: 9781895131291

Red-Green Revolution is an impassioned and informed confrontation with the planetary emergency brought about by accelerated ecological devastation in the last half-century. Victor Wallis argues that sound ecological policy requires a socialist framework, based on democratic participation and drawing on the historical lessons of earlier efforts. Wallis presents a relentless critique of the capitalist system that has put the human species into a race against time to salvage and restore what it can of the environmental conditions necessary for a healthy existence. He then looks to how we might turn things around, reconsidering the institutions, technologies, and social relationships that will determine our shared future, and discussing how a better framework can evolve through the convergence of popular struggles, as these have emerged under conditions of crisis.

Review by Ian Angus, Climate & Capitalism
Review by Zach Eldredge, Science for the People

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