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Eric Holt-Gimenez and Raj Patel, Food Rebellions: Crisis and the Hunger for Justice

Food Rebellions

Paper, 282 pages
Food First, 2012
ISBN: 978–0–935028–34–8

Food Rebellions! reports on the current political and economic realities of our food systems. Anchored in political economy and an historical perspective, it is a valuable academic resource for understanding the root causes of hunger, growing inequality, the industrial agri-foods complex, and political unrest. Using a multidisciplinary approach, Holt-Giménez and Patel give a detailed historical analysis of the events that led to the global food crisis and document the grassroots initiatives of social movements working to forge food sovereignty around the world. These social movements and this inspiring book compel readers to confront the crucial question: Who is hungry, why, and what can we do about it?

Read the Introduction (PDF)

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