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Ian Angus, Facing the Anthropocene: Fossil Capitalism and the Crisis of the Earth System

Facing the Anthropocene

Paperback, 280 pages
Monthly Review Press, 2016
ISBN: 1583676090

Bridging the gap between Earth System science and ecological Marxism, Ian Angus examines not only the latest scientific findings about the physical causes and consequences of the Anthropocene transition, but also the social and economic trends that underlie the crisis. Cogent and compellingly written, Facing the Anthropocene offers a unique synthesis of natural and social science that illustrates how capitalism’s inexorable drive for growth, powered by the rapid burning of fossil fuels that took millions of years to form, has driven our world to the brink of disaster. Survival in the Anthropocene, Angus argues, requires radical social change, replacing fossil capitalism with a new, ecosocialist civilization.

Ian Angus's blog, Climate & Capitalism

Table of Contents

Foreword, by John Bellamy Foster

Part One: A No-Analog State
1 A Second Copernican Revolution
2 The Great Acceleration
3 When Did the Anthropocene Begin?
4 Tipping Points, Climate Chaos and Planetary Boundaries
5 The First Near-Catastrophe
6 A New (and Deadly) Climate Regime

Part Two: Fossil Capitalism
7 Capital’s Time vs. Nature’s Time
8 The Making of Fossil Capitalism
9 War, Class Struggle, and Cheap Oil
10 Accelerating into the Anthropocene
11 We Are Not All In This Together

Part Three: The Alternative
13 Ecosocialism and Human Solidarity
14 The Movement We Need

Appendix: Confusions and Misconceptions

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