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-===== Ecosocialist,​ Climate and Environmental Justice ​Resources =====+===== Resources ​for Ecosocialists ​=====
 === A Wiki to guide activists in self-education and organized study groups === === A Wiki to guide activists in self-education and organized study groups ===
 A project of the [[|NYC DSA Ecosocialist Working Group]] A project of the [[|NYC DSA Ecosocialist Working Group]]
-**[[gndossier|Green New Deal]]: A Dossier of Proposals, Commentary, and Critique** 
-//Quick Reads and New Items (updated ​8/9/19)://+Use the menu on the left to browse key resources on the various topics.\\ For shorter reads, visit our frequently updated links collection at [[​collection/​8313110|]].\\ For posts prior to 9/15/19 see [[more-quick-reads|this archive]]. 
 +//Newly Added (updated ​12/15/19):// 
 +  * Foster, Clark and Holleman, [[https://​​2019/​12/​01/​capitalism-and-robbery/​|“Capitalism and Robbery”]] //Monthly Review// 12/1/19  
 +  * Patrick Bond, [[https://​​publications/​sfr23/​chaps/​SFR23_08_Bond.pdf|"​Social Movements for Climate Justice during the Decline of Global Governance"​]] 
 +  * Sarah Dry, //​[[https://​​ucp/​books/​book/​chicago/​W/​bo27154098.html|Waters of the World: The Story of the Scientists Who Unraveled the Mysteries of Our Oceans, Atmosphere, and Ice Sheets and Made the Planet Whole]]// 
 +  * The UN Environment Programme'​s //​[[https://​​resources/​emissions-gap-report-2019|Emissions Gap Report 2019]]// 
 +  * [[https://​​podcast/​world-on-fire-with-naomi-klein/​|Interview with Naomi Klein]] -- The Dig podcast 
 +  * //A Planet to Win// [[https://​​jacobinmag/​videos/​2523377561215095/​|Book Launch Video]] (starts at 34:50) 
 +  * [[https://​​359778899|Designing a Green New Deal]]: Complete video of U. Penn. conference 9/13/19 
 +  * Aronoff, Battistoni, Cohen, & Riofrancos, //​[[https://​​books/​3107-a-planet-to-win|A Planet to Win: Why We Need a Green New Deal]]// 
 +  * Giorgos Kallis, //​[[https://​​books/​title/?​id=29999|Limits:​ Why Malthus Was Wrong and Why Environmentalists Should Care]]//
-  * IPCC, [[https://​​report/​srccl/​|Climate Change and Land]] | [[https://​​2019/​08/​08/​climate/​climate-change-food-supply.html|NY Times on IPCC report]] 
-  * Nick Estes, [[https://​​2019/​08/​red-deal-green-new-deal-ecosocialism-decolonization-indigenous-resistance-environment|"​A Red Deal"​]] 
-  * Ben Reynolds, [[https://​​essays/​fully-automated-luxury-communism-vision-or-fairy-tale/​|"​Fully Automated Luxury Communism: Vision or Fairy Tale?"​]] 
-  * [[https://​​sites/​default/​files/​radical_realism_for_climate_justice_volume_44_6_1.pdf|La Via Campesina in Action for Climate Justice]] 
-  * Matt Simon, [[https://​​story/​the-bizarre-peaty-science-of-arctic-wildfires/​|"​The Bizarre, Peaty Science of Arctic Wildfires"​]] 
-  * Natasha Lennard, [[https://​​2019/​08/​05/​el-paso-shooting-eco-fascism-migration/​|"​El Paso: We Can’t Let the Far Right Co-Opt the Environmental Struggle"​]] 
-  * Jessica Corbett, [[https://​​news/​2019/​07/​25/​not-normal-record-smashing-european-heat-wave-sparks-demands-combat-climate|'​This Is Not Normal':​ Record-Smashing European Heat Wave]] 
-  * Charles Mudede, [[https://​​slog/​2018/​08/​08/​30459308/​the-fact-is-nothing-is-going-to-done-about-climate-change-until-it-kills-lots-of-white-people|"​Nothing Is Going to Be Done About Climate Change Until It Kills Lots of White People"​]] 
-  * [[https://​​articles/​the-third-national-labor-convergence-on-climate-chicago-june-28-23-2019/​|Labor Network for Sustainability:​ The Third National Labor Convergence on Climate]] 
-  * Janet Biehl and Peter Staudenmaier,​ [[https://​​library/​janet-biehl-and-peter-staudenmaier-ecofascism-lessons-from-the-german-experience|"​Ecofascism:​ Lessons from the German Experience"​]] 
-  * Adam Tooze, [[https://​​2019/​07/​20/​why-central-banks-need-to-step-up-on-global-warming/​|"​Why Central Banks Need to Step Up on Global Warming"​]] 
-  * Robinson Meyer, [[https://​​science/​archive/​2019/​08/​how-fed-could-fight-climate-change-adam-tooze/​595084/​|"​How Climate Change Could Trigger the Next Global Financial Crisis"​]] 
-  * //​[[more-quick-reads|More...]]//​ 
 {{:​dsa-sandy5.png?​1000|DSA}} {{:​dsa-sandy5.png?​1000|DSA}}
-This is a work in progress - if you wish to participate by adding, annotating or commenting\\  +This Wiki is a work continually ​in progress - if you have content\\ to suggest, send email to [[]].
-on the readings, send a request ​to [[]].+
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