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 Paperback, 352 pages\\ ​ Paperback, 352 pages\\ ​
 [[http://​​ucp/​books/​book/​distributed/​E/​bo20849051.html|Zed Press]], 2007\\ ​ [[http://​​ucp/​books/​book/​distributed/​E/​bo20849051.html|Zed Press]], 2007\\ ​
-ISBN: 9781842778715+ISBN: 9781842778715\\  
 +[[http://​​special/​Kovel,​%20Enemy%20of%20Nature%20(2007).pdf|Full-Text PDF]] 
 +//​Author'​s Foreword://​\\  
 +Growing numbers of people are beginning to realize that capitalism is the uncontrollable force driving our ecological crisis, only to become frozen in their tracks by the awesome implications of the insight. Considering that the very possibility of a future revolves about this notion, I decided to take it up in a comprehensive way, to see whether it is true, and if so, how it came about, and most importantly,​ what we can do about it.... 
 +If it is a whole way of being that needs changing, then the essential question of “what is to be done?” takes on new dimensions, and ecological politics is about much more than managing the external environment. It has to be thought of, rather, in frankly revolutionary terms. But since the revolution is against the capital that is nature’s enemy, the struggle for an ecologically just and rational society is the logical successor to the socialist movements that agitated the last century and a half before sputtering to an ignominious end. Could we be facing a “next-epoch” socialism – and could the fatal flaws of the first-epoch version be overcome if socialism became ecological?
 **Table of Contents** **Table of Contents**
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