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-===== The Green New Deal: A Dossier ​=====+===== The Green New Deal =====
-//Prepared ​and maintained by NYC DSA Ecosocialist Working Group//+//A dossier prepared ​and maintained by the\\ [[mailto:​|NYC DSA Ecosocialist Working Group]]//
-In most cases, items below include excerpts only - follow links for full text. For older items, go to [[gnd-older|Archive]]. Updated 9/6/19.+In most cases, items below include excerpts only - follow links for full text.\\ For older items, go to [[gnd-older|Archive]]. Updated ​1/16/20. 
 +[[https://​​watch?​v=d9uTH0iprVQ|Video:​ A Message From the Future With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez]] 
 +==== A Planet to Win ==== 
 +  * Aronoff, Battistoni, Cohen, & Riofrancos, //​[[https://​​books/​3107-a-planet-to-win|A Planet to Win: Why We Need a Green New Deal]]// 
 +  * Quinn Slobodian, [[https://​​2020/​01/​11/​green-new-deal-climate-planet-to-win-book-review/​|When the Green New Deal Goes Global]] - review of //A Planet to Win// 
 +  * [[https://​​jacobinmag/​videos/​2523377561215095/​|Book Launch Video]] - //A Planet to Win// (starts at 34:50) 
 +  * [[https://​​podcast/​planet-to-win-with-thea-riofrancos-and-daniel-aldana-cohen/​|Podcast interview]] with //Planet to Win// authors Cohen and Riofrancos 
 +  * [[https://​​359778899|Video:​ Designing a Green New Deal]] (U. Penn, 9/13/19)
 ==== New and Recent ==== ==== New and Recent ====
-  * Bernie Sanders, [[gndossier#​bernie_sandersthe_green_new_deal|The Green New Deal]] +  * Naomi Klein//[[https://​​books/​On-Fire/​Naomi-Klein/​9781982129910|On Fire: The Burning Case for a Green New Deal]]// 
-  * The Red Nation, [[gndossier#​the_red_dealindigenous_action_to_save_our_earth|The Red Deal: Indigenous Action to Save Our Earth]] +  * [[|Feminist Agenda for a Green New Deal]] 
-  * Carla Santos Skandier, [[gndossier#​time_has_come_to_nationalize_the_us_fossil_fuel_industry|"​Time Has Come to Nationalize the US Fossil Fuel Industry"​]] +  * Gareth Dale, [[https://​​2019/​oct/​28/​degrowth-and-green-new-deal|Degrowth ​and the Green New Deal]] 
-  * Aviva Chomsky, ​[[​post/​176594/​tomgram%3A_aviva_chomsky%2C_how_the_green_new_deal_is_changing_america/|"How the Green New Deal Is Changing America"​]] +  * [[https://​​|Green New Deal for Europe]]
-  * ARAC, [[gndossier#​the_need_for_a_food_and_agriculture_platform_in_the_gnd|The Need for a Food and Agriculture Platform in the GND]] +
-  * Aldana Cohen et al., [[gndossier#​for_a_global_green_new_deal|For a Global ​Green New Deal]]  +
-  * Marine Biologists, ​[[gndossier#​the_big_blue_gap_in_the_green_new_deal|The Big Blue Gap in the Green New Deal]]+
   * Mann, [[https://​​episode/​against-the-grain-june-12-2019/​|Keynes,​ Crisis and the GND]] (Podcast)   * Mann, [[https://​​episode/​against-the-grain-june-12-2019/​|Keynes,​ Crisis and the GND]] (Podcast)
-  * Riofrancos, [[gndossier#​plan_mood_battlefieldreflections_on_the_gnd|Plan,​ Mood, Battlefield:​ Reflections on the GND]] 
-  * Patel and Goodman, [[gndossier#​a_green_new_deal_for_agriculture|A Green New Deal for Agriculture]] 
   * //Socialist Forum//, [[https://​​issues/​winter-2019/​a-class-struggle-strategy-for-a-green-new-deal/​|Class Struggle Strategy for a Green New Deal]]   * //Socialist Forum//, [[https://​​issues/​winter-2019/​a-class-struggle-strategy-for-a-green-new-deal/​|Class Struggle Strategy for a Green New Deal]]
 ===== Proposals ===== ===== Proposals =====
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 See also Nick Estes, [[https://​​2019/​08/​red-deal-green-new-deal-ecosocialism-decolonization-indigenous-resistance-environment|"​A Red Deal"​]] See also Nick Estes, [[https://​​2019/​08/​red-deal-green-new-deal-ecosocialism-decolonization-indigenous-resistance-environment|"​A Red Deal"​]]
 +==== Green New Deal for Europe ====
 ==== Sunrise Movement: What is the Green New Deal? ==== ==== Sunrise Movement: What is the Green New Deal? ====
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 ===== Critiques ===== ===== Critiques =====
 +==== A Green New Deal Between Whom and For What? ====
 +By Nicholas Beuret //Viewpoint Magazine// 10/24/19\\
 +An important critique, although UK-centered. It brings out the pitfalls of organizing around specific versions of a GND that fail to come to grips with the range of problems and conundrums it details. Key paragraphs -
 +“The hedging around the question of consumption,​ and the emphasis on the job creation aspect of the ‘jobs and climate measures’ part of the motion, tells us all we need to know about what the [Labour Party’s] Deal is. The Deal is to maintain – as much as possible – the current economic system we have, and the current lifestyles, while taking some action on climate change to minimize it as much as possible without compromising living standards. The Deal is that people outside of the Global North, who live in countries who do not have the geopolitical or economic power to compete for what are scarce resources, will be left out of the transition to a low-carbon economy and will, in effect, be sacrificed for the new mines, biofuel plantations,​ etc. that will enable the transition to renewable power for the new green economic system.”
 +“insofar as the Green New Deal isn’t ‘the’ solution, it’s also not a stepping stone to one. Expanding and intensifying extractivism,​ deepening the exploitation of the Global South and implementing new forms of ‘green’ imperialism,​ further trashing the biosphere and continuing to emit carbon pollution – none of these can be understood as steps to a better future. Beyond the brutal political realism that would justify the further sacrifice of life and lives for a greened form of sustainable consumerism,​ the future promised by the Green New Deal isn’t one where climate change is arrested before becoming calamitous.
 +“Even though the Green New Deal isn’t the solution, this doesn’t justify ignoring or opposing it. The Green New Deal is both a policy and a tendency. As a policy, it is a raft of measures that can be engaged with or fought against, in the interest of moving it in a more positive direction. As a tendency, it needs to be engaged with in order to shape what form it takes but also in order to create something else, something that takes us beyond the limitations of efforts to reform the system we have and build something that ensures a rich and abundant life for all of us and all life in general....
 +“We need a radically egalitarian,​ communist degrowth. Recent years have thrown up numerous scientific papers all essentially calling for the end of capitalism. To some extent, science calls for nothing less than full communism. But not the communism of that part of the left that is only interested in communising consumerism instead of ending it, of redistributing the profits and spoils of extractivism without changing the economic system it supports. And while desire and the values attached to consumerism as a form of life must be interrogated and politically transformed,​ ultimately the foundations of consumerism are structural, and there is no shift to a sustainable form of life without looking to build out new infrastructures and environments that enable our autonomy from the capitalist market.
 +“Degrowth as a way of producing a radical abundance must become a core part of left politics. We can start by returning to the critique of consumer capitalism that flourished during the 1960s and 70s, and by acknowledging that consumerism mostly benefits the wealthy few. For the vast majority of the world’s population degrowth can and will only mean a better life. It is not enough to try to cut emissions while keeping everything else the same – the only possible way forward is to radically change everything. It’s the only realistic proposal at this point.”
 ==== Report Card on Bernie Sanders'​s Green New Deal ==== ==== Report Card on Bernie Sanders'​s Green New Deal ====
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