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 +**Wenonah Hauter, //​Foodopoly:​ The Battle Over the Future of Food and Farming in America//**
 +Paper, 288 pages\\ ​
 +[[https://​​books/​foodopoly/​|The New Press]], 2014\\ ​
 +ISBN: 978-1-59558-978-1
 +//​Foodopoly//​ tells the shocking story of how agricultural policy has been hijacked by lobbyists, driving out independent farmers and food processors in favor of companies such as Cargill, Tyson, Kraft, and ConAgra. “A meticulously documented account of how we have lost control of our food system” (Steve Gliessman, professor emeritus of agro-ecology,​ UC–Santa Cruz), the book demonstrates how the impacts ripple far and wide, from economic stagnation in rural communities at home to famines in poor countries overseas. In the end, author Wenonah Hauter argues that solving this crisis will require a complete structural shift, a grassroots movement to reshape our food system from seed to table—a change that is about politics, not just personal choice.
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