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 [[http://​​book/?​GCOI=97660100341370|New Village Press]], 2017\\ [[http://​​book/?​GCOI=97660100341370|New Village Press]], 2017\\
 ISBN: 1613320213 ISBN: 1613320213
 +This work connects the logics behind slavery, community disinvestment,​ and environmental exploitation to address the most pressing issues of our time in a cohesive and foundational manner. Most books dealing with these topics and periods silo issues apart from one another, but this book contextualizes the connections between social movements and issues, providing tremendous insight into successful movement building. Anthony'​s rich narrative describes both being at the mercy of racism, urban disinvestment,​ and environmental injustice as well as fighting against these forces with a variety of strategies.
 +**Carl Anthony** is an architect, regional planner, and social justice leader. He is currently co-founder of the Breakthrough Communities Project and Visiting Professor at the UC Davis Center for Regional Change. Anthony is revered as the founder and former executive director of Urban Habitat, one of the country'​s oldest environmental justice organizations,​ known for pushing the mainstream environmental movement to confront issues of race and class.
 **Contents** **Contents**
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