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 +**Alkon and Guthman, eds., //The New Food Activism: Opposition, Cooperation,​ and Collective Action//**
 +{{:​food-activism.jpg?​150|New Food Activism}}
 +Paper, 344 pages\\ ​
 +[[https://​​book/​9780520292147/​the-new-food-activism|University of California Press]], 2017\\ ​
 +ISBN: 9780520292147
 +Explores how food activism can be pushed toward deeper and more complex engagement with social, racial, and economic justice and toward advocating for broader and more transformational shifts in the food system. Topics examined include struggles against pesticides and GMOs, efforts to improve workers’ pay and conditions throughout the food system, and ways to push food activism beyond its typical reliance on individualism,​ consumerism,​ and private property. The authors challenge and advance existing discourse on consumer trends, food movements, and the intersection of food with racial and economic inequalities.
 +Read the [[https://​​chapters/​13267.intro.pdf|Introduction]] (PDF)
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